We are a small team of passionate pet owners and animal lovers!

Dobby”s (now Dobbyman Ltd) was founded in 1962 by Norman Dobby in 1962 in Bromley , Kent. Norman who himself was a keen bird keeper started supplying a few friends to help support his own hobby and then expanded to supplying bird clubs and other breeders.

Since then things have changed and in 1981 he was joined by his son Mark and the business grew and started supplying many retail outlets and pet food businesses. Now nearly 50 years on Dobbyman Ltd supplies a wide range of businesses and over a wide area but we still believe in the old principles of customer care.

Reasons to choose us

DobbyMan has everything you might need for your business to thrive with healthy margins. Whether you are looking to buy from a reputable wholesaler to reduce your expenditure on animal supplies or want fair pricing so you can increase your pet retail enterprise’s profitability.

  • Natural Products Throughout an Extensive Range

By rejecting artificially manufactured products and keeping to natural ones, we are the perfect wholesaler to choose as your pet shop supplier regardless of the size and nature of your business.

  • More Personal Experience of What We’re Doing

DobbyMan is a family-owned and run business. What this boils down to is that the management team is much closer to the nuts and bolts of running a pet wholesale supply business, something larger wholesalers cannot say. As such, we are more geared up to what pet retailers and animal owners are truly after from their suppliers.

  • Fair Pricing and Specialist Products

With a constantly updated range of stock items to try out, we promise to always deal fairly with pricing. In other words, we set one price and stick to it without needless promotions or time-limited deals.

The Dobbyman Promise

Animal Treats

The British pet food and treat market demands high-quality products nowadays. As such, retailers need to stock items that owners will be delighted with and want to buy again and again.

No Fillers or Nasty Ingredients

Although it is possible to purchase pet food for cats, dogs and other animals which contain fillers and unpleasant ingredients, we do not stock them at DobbyMan. Our promise to you is that we’ll only supply you with respected pet food brands that have the highest quality standards in their pet food production.

High Quality Meat & Veggies

Whichever ingredients go into the products we sell, we take the time and effort to make sure that they meet the highest standards possible. When you purchase wholesale goods from DobbyMan for your animals or pet store, you can always expect rigorous quality standards to be maintained.

Our Brands

View some of our trusted and quality brands we use such as Bakers and Nature Diet.

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Our Happy Stockists

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